Female Specific Nutrition Course

Female Specific Nutrition | Semester 2



Female Specific Nutrition Course


It's time we had a different conversation around Nutrition.

Did you know that females have different energy requirements to men?
Did you know macronutrient metabolism differs between men and women?
Did you know nutrition can have an effect on the Menstrual Cycle, Gut Health and the Nervous system?

We're going to be delving into the specifics of female nutrition, busting the myths & unpacking the fundamentals of a healthy relationship with food & fitness!



WEEK 1: Introduction to Female Specific Nutrition, Nailing the Initial & Biofeedback forms

WEEK 2: Energy & Macronutrient Fundamentals Part 1

WEEK 3: Macronutrient Fundamentals Part 2

WEEK 4: Micronutrients

WEEK 5: The Science of Fat Loss, Refeeds & Diet Breaks

WEEK 6: Leptin, Post Diet Rebounds & Reverse Diets

WEEK 7: Female Health Part 1

WEEK 8: Female Health Part 2

WEEK 9: The Basics of Digestion, Satiety & Gut Health

WEEK 10: The Art of Coaching & Recap Q & A